Other Books by Martin

Martin has written LOADS of books over the years, but we don’t want to bore you with all of them, so here are a few favourites…..

How to Cook Children

That’s right: it’s a recipe book for witches and all the ingredients are children. Here’s what Gordon Ramsay had to say…

Quite simply the best book for cooking with children ever written. The recipes are mouth-watering and Esmelia Sniff is a laugh-out-loud kitchen nightmare. There are very few chefs who can change the way we think about food but thanks to Esmelia and her pointy hatted friends I’ll be putting youngsters on the menu in all my restaurants from now on.”

The Extraordinary Life of Neil Armstrong (coming June 2019)

The first person in history to walk on the surface of another world. What a guy! Also includes the story of Buzz Aldrin having a wee on the moon, so it’s pretty much unmissable reading.

Witches at War!

An exciting trilogy starring Esmelia Sniff of How to Cook Children fame. The Wickedest Witch, The White Wand and The Wild Winter have a cult following, meaning at least three people have read them.

Shaun the Sheep

Who doesn’t love Shaun the Sheep, right? Well, we do. Martin has written quite a few books for him including  Pranks a Lot, On the Ball, Flock to the Seaside, The Flock Factor and The Beast of Soggy Moor



An incredibly accurate story of what happens when you go to the toilet and don’t wash your hands. Not really. As usual he made it up as he went along.

How to Slay a Werewolf

Almost no-one read this which is shame because it’s a proper hoot. If you can find a copy give it a go.