The Cosmic Atlas

Martin’s latest book, The Cosmic Atlas of Alfie Fleet, published by Oxford University Press, is coming to bookshops Spring 2019.

Welcome to the adventures of Alfie Fleet. Strap on a crash helmet and climb aboard a rusty moped called Betsy. Using Stone Circle technology we shall be journeying to the far ends of the universe, making stops at Brains-in-Jars World and the planet of Outlandish with Alfie and his eccentric friend Professor Bowell-Mouvemont (it’s French), President of the space-travelling, map-making Unusual Cartography Club.

Along the way we will meet villainous hairdresser scum, a girl called Derek, the heroic knight Sir Brenda, and the elven Prince Hoodwink – a wannabe supermodel. Plus a dragon, a despicable old tyrant, his almost-lovely daughter, and the Twang Bears of planet Mumsy. Oh my!

Illustrations by the ever amazing Chris Mould

As you can probably tell, The Cosmic Atlas of Alfie Fleet explores the serious issues facing young people growing up in today’s uncertain world.

Just kidding! It’s a blast of pure bonkers joy, the sort of tale that will sit neatly in the popular science-fiction/fantasy/humour/travel guide/atlas/children’s book section of any bookshop. Complete with extracts from Alfie’s notebook, maps, and illustrations by the utterly brilliant Chris Mould, it is – I hope – as much fun as you’ll ever find in a bundle of paper and ink; a charming, gigglesome, page-turner, full of unexpected delights and things to see. If you don’t do a proper laugh-out-loud at least sixteen times I have failed, and will come round and do your washing up.

That isn’t going to happen though. I’ve read it 3,867 times and it still makes me giggle.

Mart x

I loved it! I had many, many laugh out loud moments – I especially loved the Professor. It definitely has hints of Hitch Hiker’s Guide with a dash of Monty Python. Fantastic.”                                                              Lisa Thompson, ace author of The Light Jar and other fabulous books